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Dr. Maria-Alexandra Katsara: Publications




Katsara MA, Branicki W, Walsh S, Kayser M, Nothnagel M; VISAGE Consortium. (2021). Evaluation of supervised machine-learning methods for predicting appearance traits from DNA. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2021 Mar 23;53:102507. doi: PMID: 33831816


Katsara MA, , Branicki W, Pośpiech E, Hysi P, Walsh S, Kayser M, Nothnagel M, on behalf of the VISAGE Consortium (2020).
Testing the impact of trait prevalence priors in Bayesian-based genetic prediction modeling of human appearance traits.
Forensic Sci Int Genet, Epub ahead of print.,


Katsara MA, Nothnagel M. (2019)
True colors: A literature review on the spatial distribution of eye and hair pigmentation.
Forensic Sci Int Genet.,