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Research Areas

The overarching goal of the CCG is to link genetic variation to health and disease by providing a center of excellence for experimental studies in genetic variation – from disease susceptibility genetic linkage and association studies to functional investigations.

Since its inception in 2004 under the leadership of Prof. Peter Nürnberg, the CCG has provided a wide range of key competencies and sophisticated technical platforms in sanger sequencing, microsatellite and SNP genotyping, next generation sequencing, expression profiling and functional genomics utilizing high throughput genetic technologies and a wide choice of innovative methods.

The CCG employs more than 25 scientific and technical assistants and represents a central facilitiy of the University of Cologne. The CCG provides genetic epidemiology expertise and all data handling and laboratory facilities – this enables fully integrated research to be carried out in one place. The Center enters into academic research collaborations and also works on a service basis.