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Publications 2023

Abdel-Salam, G.M.H., Afifi, H.H., Abdel-Hamid, M.S., Ahmed, N.E.B., Taher, M.B., El-Kamah, G., Thiele, H., Nurnberg, P.N., and Bolz, H.J. (2023). Expanding the phenotypic spectrum and clinical severity associated with WLS gene. Journal of human genetics 68, 607-613.

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Abdullah, U., Asif, M., Anayat, M., Udin, G.N., and Hussain, M.S. (2023). Biallelic mutations in CACTIN encoding component of spliceosome machinery cause severe intellectual disability, speech impairment and epilepsy. European Journal of Human Genetics 31, 465-465. <Go to ISI>://WOS:001050507001482.

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Hoffmann, L., Coras, R., Kobow, K., Lopez-Rivera, J.A., Lal, D., Leu, C., Najm, I., Nurnberg, P., Herms, J., Harter, P.N., Bien, C.G., Kalbhenn, T., Muller, M., Pieper, T., Hartlieb, T., Kudernatsch, M., Hamer, H., Brandner, S., Rossler, K., Blumcke, I., and Jabari, S. (2023). Ganglioglioma with adverse clinical outcome and atypical histopathological features were defined by alterations in PTPN11/KRAS/NF1 and other RAS-/MAP-Kinase pathway genes. Acta neuropathologica 145, 815-827.

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