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Qiagen Pyrosequencing

Pyrogram analysis software

In brief the principle of pyrosequencing is a sequencing by synthesis. After incorporation of on ore more nucleotides of given type, pyrophosphate is generated whose degradation by a coupled enzyme assay produces a light flash, whose signal strength is proportional to the number of incorporated nucleotides.

What you can do with pyrosequencing is:

  • genotyping
  • methylation analysis
  • haplotype analysis

The devices which operate in the CCG were previously marketed by the company Biotage. The pyrosequencing technology is used for the Roche 454 next generation sequencing system as well.

The CCG could evaluate pyrosequencing successfully for quantitative analysis and is therefore suitable for copy number detection.


Qiagen Pyrosequencer PSQ 96MA

The system is now named PyroMark™Q96 ID.


Qiagen Pyrosequencer PSQ HS96A

The system is now named PyroMark™Q96 MD.