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Illumina large-scale genotyping system

Illumina stands for a broad range of proven products for genotyping, expression profiling and many more. The CCG would like cooperation partners to enable the full range of applications, including in high throughput. In order to enable them we have closed a number of critical bottlenecks.

A new generation of array scanner - the high resolution two color reader iScan - in conjunction with the AutoLoader2 allows reading of up to 96 mulit-sample BeadChips per day.

Also the sample processing has been speeded up by automated pipetting systems. For that serve two for the Infinium technology configured Tecan robots.

The system is therefore ideally suited for large studies, eg genome-wide association studies (GWAS).

Instrumentation level

  • 1 x iScan
  • 1 x Beadstation 500
  • 1 x AutoLoader2 in Single-Scanner (iScan) configuration
  • 1 x Tecan Freedom EVO for Infinium HD automation
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  • Illumina iSCAN and Autoloader2
    Illumina iSCAN and Autoloader2
  • Tecan Freedom Evo
    Tecan Freedom Evo